Q: I don’t know anything about Forex. Can I gain profit?
A: Yes, definitely. Every person should do what s/he is able to do. You earn money by what you can do, and we increase your money by applying our skills and experience. You don’t need to know the details of our work.

Q: How can i join you?
A: Simply need to fill out the registration form located on the menu or click Here.

Q: Can someone under 18 years join?
A: No, one have to be over 18 years to join.

Q: How often is the profit accrued to my account?
A: The profit is accrued every day.

Q: I forgot my password. How can I recover it?
A: You can use the password recover feature available at this link. Your password will be changed and immediately sent to you at to the e-mail given at registration.

Q: How much does it cost to register an account with Solflex International?
A: Registration with us is absolutely free.

Q: Do you share personal information about me with any third party?
A: Under no circumstances will Solflex International share information about you with other companies, affiliates or partners and we will comply with confidentiality standards. We do not sell information about you to anyone. Please review our Privacy Policy for more information

Q: How can I fund my account?
A: You can fund your account through via bank transfer to our corporate account or via Bitcoin.

Q: How can I open and fund BitCoin account?
A: We recommend you to use blockchain.info or Luno as your online BitCoin wallet. You can use any crypto-exchange service to fund your BitCoin account.

Q: After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available on my account?
A: All payments are executed every first week of the month.

Q: Is there any  withdrawal charges?
A: There is a 5% withdrawal charge.

Q: How can I change my password?
A: You can change your password directly from your members area by editing it in your personal profile.

Q: What referral commission do you pay?
A: We pay a referral commission of 5%.

Q: Do you pay referral commissions on all deposits made by my referral?
A: Yes, we pay referral commissions on all initial and additional deposits.

Q: Where can I get my referral link?
A: Your referral link can be found at the bottom of the page in your client area.

Q: Can I refer others and earn referral commissions without making a deposit by myself?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: How can I refer a person to your website?
A: You need to give that person your referral link.

Q: I have referred a few new people already, but have not received referral commissions yet. What is the problem?
A: referral commission is paid only on after your referral makes a deposit. We do not pay referral commissions for simply referring new clients. If you are aware that your referral deposited with us and no commission was paid, please contact our support department.

Q: Can I refer myself?
A: No, you can’t. But we do not prohibit referring friends and family members.

Q: Can I refer family and friends?
A: Yes, you can do this without limitations

Q: Are there any restrictions regarding advertising for Solflex International?
A: You can advertise Solflex International in any legal way. The only advertising method we have a zero-tolerance policy towards is spam in any form. The use of SPAM in order to distribute your referral link will lead to termination of your account and forfeiture of your earned commissions.

Q: Do I get my capital back of my plan ends?
A: Yes, capital is paid two weeks after your plan ends upon your request.

Q: What is Solflex International?
A: Solflex International is a dynamic innovative investment company offering it’s clients Account Management System and pooled managed forex trading accounts. The legal entity behind Solflex International is Solflex International Trading Company, which is registered in Nigeria.

Q: What are the tax implications of my investments with Solflex International?
A: We encourage our clients to consult their local tax advisor or accountant to determine any and all investment related questions and tax issues. Solflex International is operating globally over the Internet, it is in full compliance with the rules and regulations in its country of registration and it is not soliciting for investments in any specific local market.

Q: Are you protected from DDoS attacks?
A: Yes, our website is protected by BlockDos.net against DDoS attacks. BlockDos is one of the global leaders in their field.

Q: How safe is my investment with Solflex International?
A: Let’s be clear about one fact: “There is no such thing as a completely safe investment.” There are, however, a number of very low risk investments available to investors – but again, none are entirely risk free. The global economy is on tilt, largely being driven by the United States, the world’s financial core. Stock markets are experiencing significant devaluations, financial institutions are defaulting left and right, and the foreclosure market continues to run rampant. Our experienced forex traders trade with low risk on all our trading accounts. In addition we have a reserve fund to cover potential losses, what considerably reduces risks.

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