Solflex International Is Protecting You
At Solflex International, we work to ensure your personal information is protected. Your security is our highest priority. This page will help you understand the policies that protect you. Learn how to minimize your risk and protect yourself online.

Internet Security
We use industry-standard security techniques to ensure that your personal and financial information remains confidential. Solflex International uses security technologies such as your personal User ID and password, encryption and firewalls. The combination of your User ID and password enables you to be uniquely identified to Solflex International.

Solflex International supports the highest levels of encryption. Encryption is a method of scrambling your information, including your User Name and Password, so that it cannot be read by others who do not have authorization to unscramble that information. The information you enter is encrypted by your browser, and is only decrypted (unscrambled) when it reaches our Web server.

Solflex International has a system of firewalls that form a barrier between the Internet and Solflex International internal systems. All incoming information is routed through the firewall, which verifies the source and destination of each piece of information. The firewall processes the information in a special manner before delivering it to our internal computer system. This way, all internal information is protected, keeping the structure of our computer system a secret.

Virus Protection
We use the latest virus software programs on our systems to help us keep our computer networks virus-free. By using these programs, we ensure that you can communicate and transact with us in a safe and secure manner.

Protect Yourself
It is your responsibility to keep your password secure
No one can access your account information without supplying the correct User Identification information, so you should be sure to select a User Name and Password that cannot be easily solved by others. To help safeguard your Password, you should keep it confidential. You should not give your Password, or make it available, to any other person.

Make sure that your anti-virus software is up to date
Anti-virus software is your computer’s best defense against viruses, Trojan horses and worms – install and update anti-virus software on your computer and regularly scan your computer to make sure it is free from viruses; some viruses may not affect your computer’s performance, but could allow unauthorized access to your system.

Use a firewall
If you do not have a firewall, hackers can easily take over your computer and access your personal information. Make sure that you have your Windows Firewall turned on, for low level protection. For better protection, we recommend you to purchase a firewall with high level of protection.
Be aware of certain risks and should act responsibly when dealing with programs or files from unknown sources — this applies to both software available on the Internet and sent via email. Installing files from unknown sources raises the risk of unknowingly downloading infected or malicious software or computer viruses. Once installed on your computer, these programs could potentially tamper with your files without your knowledge.
We urge you to never run any untrusted or unfamiliar software or programs received from email or the Internet. As you chat, browse the Web or accept email from unknown persons, always be careful and a bit suspicious.

In addition, here are some more security tips

  • Do not leave your computer unattended while you are accessing your account
  • Be sure others are not watching you enter information on the keyboard when using the system
  • Always Log Out when you are finished using the system to properly end your session. Once a session has been ended, no further transactions can be processed until you log on to the system again
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