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Let's Grow Your Account From 20% to 40% Monthly

We Apply Risk-Management & Money Management Strategy on all accounts. With our over a decade experience and expertise, we guarantee good result ranging from 20% to 40% returns on your investment every month and we share profit every month 50/50.

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Account Management

    • Don’t have time to learn how to trade? Our Account Management Service is The Best Profitable Trading Manager System which can help you to manage your account in MARKET.

If you trade by yourself, you will have a lot of work to do; making sure your PC and internet work, you will also need to understand every complicated trading program to run it. But now you don’t have to do that anymore. Leave all that work to us. We take care all of those things. That’s why for making sure everything works and make profits, we take our share 50%. It includes the trading systems and maintenance and managing your account.

Terms & Conditions.

      • Open account with our partner brokers Hantec Global using our IB link Click Here
      • Profit share every month 50% ours and 50% yours.
      • First-time account setting charges $ 100 you pay before sending account detail
      • 5% non-refunding fee on the traded amount, and anytime new deposits are added to the traded amount: either by reinvesting profit or direct additions.
      • Minimum Deposit $ 1000. For deposit below $1000 call us on 09086555520
      • Minimum monthly profit 20% and maximum 40%
      • Account management service only for those who are patient.
    • Solflex International do not have access to make withdrawals from clients’ trading accounts, all trading funds are deposited with the broker directly by the client, and only the client can make withdrawals. Clients only deposit fees and commission from profit to Solflex International.
    • Leverage: Minimum 1:500
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